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Here at Luca, we specialise in robot hire and robots for sale for events and exhibitions. Our business is committed to providing innovative solutions that help you engage with your customers and grow your business.

Our bespoke software makes it possible to customize the robot. With Luca, it is simple, fast and convenient to upload your own script and imagery to the robot. So, with over six robots to choose from, we can create the perfect host for any event.

It could not be simpler to buy or hire a robot with us, simply choose the robot you believe is best suited to your target demographic and contact one of our robotics specialists with details of your event and expectations for the robot, we will co-ordinate the rest.

Want more information? Find out more about what robot hire can do for your business.

We have a variety of robots available to cater to every target market. From a corporate business setting to a care home, nothing stands out in a crowd of humans like a robot. Meet our team below!

Why Robots


Our robots, with the help of our bespoke software are able to, present your products, improve client engagement and Increase customer footfall at your event


Whether your goal is to attract prospects, increase your exposure or improve you brand image, you need to attract people to your stand, and robots can do just that


Robots are a high-tech and emerging technology. Having robots at your event immediately presents you and your brand as being forward thinking, innovative, and up to date with current technologies

We Believe...

Robots provide an innovative solution for customer engagement and business growth