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At Luca Robotics we are passionate about bringing innovation to education. The use of robots for education is a perfect tool to increase student engagement and participation by creating a modern, fun and dynamic learning environment.

We provide a range of services including specialised packages that can cater to specific learning requirements. For instance, one of our most popular solutions is tailored to meeting the learning requirements of Autistic children, helping them to increase their confidence and engagement levels while learning.

All our solutions are also fully customisable and can be tailored to any curriculum or syllabus. This allows us to provide robotic resources that cater to age ranges and learning abilities from Primary School to University.

Our robots are available for sale or for hire allowing us to cater for any requirement or budget, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how to bring your curriculum into the 21st century.

Why put Robots in Schools?


Coding is one of the most important job skills of the future and using robots to teach this valuable skill makes learning enjoyable


Robots are a unique resource that are fun to use, encouraging active participation from all abilities


The calm and consistent nature of robots encourages communication and engagement from shy and anxious students and even those with special needs

What We Do



Robots are non-judgemental. Their calm and consistent nature has been proven by the Autism Centre for Education and Research to encourage participation and communication even from nervous and special needs children, particularly those on the autism spectrum.

Following this research, we developed a number of solutions that utilise robots for autism and Pivotal Response Treatment, a form of behavioural therapy that utilises play to increase a student’s desire to learn.

This will help students:

  • Subliminally develop crucial social skills while having fun
  • Improve their skills of basic communication and ultimately interpersonal skills with their teachers and class mates
  • Help children to build the confidence to use these skills every day

For more information on the solutions that we offer take a look at our article!



Programming and coding are fundamental job skills for the future so it can be a very important, but somewhat daunting prospect to teach children this skill. Robots for schools provide a modern and engaging resource that can help make programming fun and increase a student desire to learn.

  • Utilising robots as a teaching resource brings coding to life by providing students with a physical interface to their code instead of just using a screen.
  • Robots can be used to teach a number of coding languages such as, Python, Java, C++, Android and many others.



We understand that not everyone knows about robots already, and to make implementing robots into your curriculum as easy as possible we offer a number of teacher and student training courses to ensure your knowledge is up to date.

At Luca robotics, our training courses are unique. With no set course itinerary, we can cover and educate teachers or pupils on a variety of topics from basic coding, to artificial intelligence and navigation. If you would like to enquire about how we can design a training course to suit your school, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

We Believe...

Robots provide a fun and dynamic learning environment that helps children achieve their potential