a robot
now One

Talkative and fascinating, fits easily into any event

Name: One
Height: 1'5"
Suited To:
Events with limited demonstration space, will happily sit on the table and chat to customers all day long
About me:

The brain box of the bunch, one is powered by an artificial intelligence chat-bot solution. has over 125 million different phrases and can answer questions about any topic, he’s a real chatterbox!

Favourite Movie: Star Wars One robot information

Technical Specification

What can one do?


Connected with artificial intelligence engines such as Google’s Dialogflow, can talk and interact with people and even get live data from the cloud.


With two built in cameras in its eyes, can see its environment, recognise and track faces and even capture photos.


With’s built in speaker and LED mouth, talking and listening to is natural and intuitive.


With three directional microphones and a natural language processing engine, you can talk to from anywhere in the room


With servos controlling the movement of head in multiple directions’s movements are always fluid and natural.


With capacitive sensors in its head, it can sense touch and gesture and react to people around it. one Open Source Development platform

Robotics in Education one is a perfect open source platform for developers. Based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino you can program in multiple languages including Scratch and Python. Integration with Scratch and Python makes ideal for use in education, with a short learning curve and a large community that shares both information and resources you’re sure to be able to overcome any problem.

With preinstalled software for artificial intelligence chatbot engines such as Dialogflow, you can start creating your own powerful chatbots without having to write a single line of code.