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Miro Robot

Friendly and engaging, Miro is perfect for education

Name: Miro Robot
Height: 1'2"
Suited To:
Miro engages with people of all ages, from children to the elderly!
About me:

Miro is engaging and loves to interact with people of all ages! Powered by Biomimetic, brain-based software she is sure to get your attention!

Perfect for use in education and with the elderly alike, the Miro robot is one of a kind.

Favourite Movie: WALL-E
Miro Robot robot information

Technical Specification

Miro Robot

Miro Robot For Education

Miro is a friendly, intelligent and highly interactive robot dog designed for use in schools and universities. For Education, the Miro robot comes complete with an advanced, Blockly Based, interface that allows students to program the robot quickly and easily. As well as the MiroCODE educational software, it comes with a complete simulation environment where you can control the robot in a full physics world.

Miro Robot Programming for education

All new Miro-e has been completely redesigned and is now powered by a universally available Raspberry Pi. With this, students can learn transferable programming skills at any level from Pre-School right through to GCSE, A-Level and even university research.

Miro the robot can create a engaging, collaborative classroom experience where everyone will want to be involved. Watch your code come to life, Miro-E can see, hear and interact with its environment and has a variety of motors and sensors to allow endless programming opportunities to push your students creativity.

Miro Robot For Education

Stereoscopic Vision

With its two cameras Miro can see and understand its environment, sense colours and even detect objects and understand its surroundings.

Directional Hearing

With two microphones in the ears and additional microphones in the body Miro can hear commands, and even track your movements by sound

Touch Sensors

With over 40 touch sensors in total, Miro can capture every tactile input and react accordingly.

Sonar Distance Sensors

With built-in Sonar miro can navigate and understand more of the environment around her.

Light Sensors

Miro's light sensors allow her to understand more about her environment. She can even be programmed to follow or avoid light sources!

Cliff Sensors

Using her cliff sensors the Miro robot can make sure she never ends up in a tricky situation, seamlessly avoiding edges of tables and dangerous staircases.

For more details or if you're interesting in buying the Miro robot please get in touch! We'll be more than happy to help!