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AI Puppets

The only autonomous artificial intelligence robot puppets in the world

Name: AI Puppets
Height: 2'1"
Suited To:
AI Robot Puppets are suited to corporate events, Education, Special Needs, Care homes and more. With custom made spitting image puppets available, puppets can be created and programmed for any use case.
About me:

AI robot puppets are a new and dynamic, with built in artificial intelligence the puppets can autonomously interact and talk about anything.

From small talk, to factual information to live news and education uses. AI robots can be used to assist students, wow crowds and even provide companionship for children and the elderly alike.

Favourite Movie: Big Hero 6
AI Puppets robot information

Technical Specification

AI Robot Puppets

The worlds first autonomous AI Puppets are now available to buy or hire.

With built in artificial intelligence you are able to talk autonomously about anything. From small talk to factual information and live news. The robot puppets are connected to an artificial intelligence chatbot engine that gives you the ability to have thousands of prebuilt “small talk” questions as well as allow you to create and edit questions from a browser-based content management system.

AI Puppet Solutions

Robot puppets for Special Needs Education

Education and Special Needs

Puppets have been used in education since the 19th century and have proved to be very successful with children from a young age. AI puppets can be used to read stories and play games that allow for further development of children’s personal, social and emotional development.

Lord Sugar Beskpoke Robot Puppet

Corporate Events and Keynote Speaking

Our puppets can present and talk about your products, give keynote speeches and even control any screen or projector. The puppets we have available are always increasing but you can also have your own custom puppets created, why not recreate your CEO or another well-known character?

AI Robot Puppets for Care homes

Care Homes

Whilst puppets have always been associated with their ability to educate and entertain young children, they can also be used to help stimulate memories, increase confidence and have been shown to be especially useful for working with residents with dementia.