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Buy or hire robots for your events

Pudu robot hire


Delivered to the table, safely and efficiently

Sanbot robot hire


The perfect blend of human and machine, Sanbot provides the optimum robot experience

Miro Robot robot hire

Miro Robot

Friendly and engaging, Miro is perfect for education

Aibo robot hire


Active and engaging, AIBO will play up to a crowd One robot hire One

Dynamic and fascinating, works great as an assistant and in education

Afobot robot hire


Sleek and compact, Afobot is the perfect device for any environment

Sumobot robot hire


Exciting and dynamic, Sumobot will liven up any event

AI Puppets robot hire

AI Puppets

The only autonomous artificial intelligence robot puppets in the world


robot hire
can do
for you…

Our robots, with the help of our bespoke software, are able to:

  • Present your products
  • Improve client engagement
  • Increase customer footfall

But most of all, they ensure that you stand out from the competition.


it all

We specialise in creating content and customising a robot to your specific business needs. It's what sets us apart in our market.

Firstly - we create the content by uploading the images and script that you want for your robot.

Secondly - we save and publish the content on our cloud editing system

Thirdly - its down to you, simply turn on your robot and it will automatically download the latest content to present to your clients

To stand out in your market, Contact one of our robotics specialists to coordinate your next event!