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Testimonial - Water-to-Go

Water-to-Go: What they had to say...

After a four day event in Olympia London with Water-to-Go, here is what Dominic Simms, marketing coordinator had to say:

"Having the robot on our stand helped to drive sales!

We were delighted to have a robot from Luca Robotics along with the team from Tickling Trout, join us for one of our biggest consumer travel shows at Olympia London. It was a fantastic addition to our stand with the main idea of increasing engagement and driving sales. It definitely did this and a lot more. Anybody who caught sight of the robot immediately stopped in their tracks and came over to have a look. The robot featured a large tablet screen with a vibrant display so was visible from across the hall. We had worked with the technical team to program our own content into the robot so people could find out about our products, mission, FAQs and company videos. So the robot could talk you with exactly the wording you required as images popped up on the screen or it could play an already-made video. It was a great way to showcase our content. It was a fantastic draw to the stand and appealed to visitors of all ages. It essentially became a new member of our sales team

So, when the robot effectively passed the customers onto us, they already had a good idea of what we were all about and in a majority of cases, converted into a sale or good contact for us. The show was over 4 days and we were pleased to announce that we had already taken more than what we made the previous year by the end of day 3; so, the robot definitely made an impact! We also took the robot round to other stands to speak to our current partners and they loved it! The team that joined us was very engaging with the public, so much so that they made some sales themselves. We never had any issues with the robot, and it was used constantly throughout the 2 days that it was with us. The service and support from the team for us was second-to-none and we would definitely recommend one of their robots to anyone who wants to stand out at an event."

Check out the photos of Sanbot interacting with the crowds below:

Sanbot robot interacting with people at event
Sanbot robot on water to go exhibition stand
Sanbot Robot talking to people at exhibition
Sanbot robot posing for event photos

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