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Robots for events – a brief guide

How to implement robots at your next event

When your company spends the money, time and effort to host an event or exhibit at an exhibition it is vital to maximise the return on investment and the engagement with your audience.

Whether your goal is to attract prospects, increase your exposure or improve you brand image, you need to attract people to your stand. It’s no surprise that engaging and interactive content pulls people to your stand, but when it comes to using robots, you must ensure you do it right.

Robots and artificial intelligence are seen as emerging technologies and are likely to generate significant interest. Find out how you can utilise this to maximise the footfall and amount of interest in your events and exhibition stands.

Pre-event advertising

Social Media Icons

The use of robots for events is not limited to what you can do on the day. Weeks before the event has started you can use the presence of a robot to start to draw attention. Doing this correctly will increase the number of people who come to your stand before the event has even started.

Addressing your social media following and posting pictures and marketing material with your robots can start to gather interest and make people come directly to your stand just because they want to see the new technology – in doing so they are immediately interacting with your brand.

Improving your brand image

Robots are an extremely high-tech and emerging technology. Having robots at your event immediately presents your brand and your company as being forward thinking, innovative, and up to date with current technologies.

Presenting your brand in this manner, especially if your company works in technology, gives your customers more assurance in your brand, products and reputation, thus further increasing engagement and potential to gather additional leads and customers.

Gathering a crowd

Seeing other people engaged with a brand makes somebody want to see what the buzz is all about. Gathering a crowd and maintaining it is a sure way to increase the overall footfall and engagement with your brand.

However, maintaining a crowd can be difficult, to do this successfully you have to keep people engaged for a longer period of time. Interactive aspects keep people interested. This could be a game, quiz, tablet, or a robot interaction - not only will you generate interest, but your prospects will get a better understanding of your proposition by interacting with your robot.

Draw people over

People are drawn to noise and movement. More specifically, music and dancing has been shown to increase ‘happy’ emotions. Happy prospects are more impressionable so it’s highly beneficial to captivate a high number of happy, impressionable prospects.

Your robots can generate lots of noise and movement with their own music and dances, get your robots dancing and you’re sure to draw some attention.

Selecting the correct robot

Selecting the correct robot for your event

Selecting the correct robot is highly important to ensure you gain the most out of your investment. You need to consider who you’re trying to attract, location of your stand or event, amount of space available and what you want your robots to do.

Have you seen the different available platforms?

Do you just want your robot to draw people over to your stand before speaking to your staff?

Do you want your robots to present your brand and products autonomously?

How loud is the environment?

Where will the robot go on your stand?

These are all things that must be considered before implementing robots at your event and ensuring you consider these things is essential for a successful implementation. Not having enough space for your robot or not optimising the interaction can hinder your potential return.

Tailoring your robot interaction

If your using your robot to present your brand you must ensure the interaction between the prospect and the robot is as productive as possible.

Ensuring the robot has an engaging script and presentation with interesting visuals can make or break the interaction. You don’t want to stand there for three minutes while a robot talks at you, build a presentation where the robot interacts with the customer and asks questions to guide where the interaction leads to keep them engaged.

Use this time to present your product in the best way you can, ensure you can tell them all the facts and keep speeches short and interesting. Robots have been shown to increase attention span so ensure the content is as high value as possible to ensure the best return of investment.

Event day social media

Robots are a new and upcoming technology that many people have never seen before. As robots are not particularly mainstream a significant number of people will take pictures and videos of the robot.

Use this to your advantage. When people take pictures of your robots ensure that your brand and marketing material is visible. This means when people post pictures of your robot on their social media you’re increasing your brand exposure without any additional work.

In addition to ensuring your brand and marketing material is visible ensure you have a social media marketing strategy, make sure people know your social media handles and hashtags and encourage them to post about their interaction. The more people that know about your brand the higher the potential to increase your customer base.

In conclusion

Robots can be a highly valuable events and marketing tool and have the ability to draw a substantial number of people to your exhibition stand or event, improve engagement and increase brand awareness. However, to optimise this, you must carefully decide how to best utilise the interaction with your prospects and the robot taking into consideration aspects before, during and after the event.

If you’d be interested in finding out more about implementing robots at your event, please contact us at Luca Robotics and we’ll be sure to help you implement robots for your next event.