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Robot Wedding Entertainment UK: We do I do’s

Modern and Quirky Wedding Entertainment for all ages and budgets

You’ve got your something old, something borrowed and something blue, but what about something very, very new? Bring your wedding into the twenty-first century with our Bespoke Robot Wedding Entertainment.


We know that finding wedding entertainment that caters to all ages can be a daunting task. So why not consider using a robot as your sleek centrepiece?

Sanbot Robot all angles

Meet Sanbot, as the perfect blend of human and machine, she provides the optimum robot experience for young and old guests alike.

Overview: Sanbot at Your Wedding

Having a robot at your wedding provides a truly unique and unforgettable touch to your big day.

At Luca robotics, we provide robots for wedding hire, specifically our most popular robot, Sanbot. However, what makes our service industry-leading is that it is entirely bespoke. We know that every wedding is different, and every wedding deserves to be perfect, so not only do we offer a range of packages to suit every taste and budget, but we programme and design the robot and its interactions to be totally suited to your special day.

For instance, Sanbot is multi-talented and there are six key roles that she can play at your wedding:

  1. The Robot Video Guest Book
  2. The Robot Photographer
  3. The Robot Ring bearer
  4. The Robot Waiter
  5. The Robot Children’s Entertainer
  6. The Robot Host

Each of these roles can then be modified and adapted by one of our specialists so that Sanbot will feature the graphics and dialogue of your choice in order to suit your specific guest list and wedding theme.

Here’s a little information about the six customisable roles that Sanbot could play at your wedding in order to make your day truly unique:

The Robot Video Guest Book:

A guest book is the ideal keepsake to commemorate your big day. It provides your guests with the perfect opportunity to record their heartfelt wisdom for the future or memories of the past, however, for a creative guest book alternative, why not embrace a modern take on the tradition with Sanbot?

Sanbot can film short video messages, recorded by your guests, and compile them into one large video guestbook for you to keep, with no hard-to-read handwriting, spelling mistakes or missing pens to worry about! At Luca, we will then email the video to you and even send you a keepsake DVD if you wish.

This innovative take on the traditional wedding guest book also provides an excellent entertainment centrepiece for your guests because Sanbot can engage with your friends and family:

  • Asking if they are enjoying their evening
  • Asking if they would like to ‘leave a message for the bride and groom’
  • Providing them with a 10 second count down
  • Recording their responses using her two high quality cameras and microphone.

So, for a sleek and interactive twist on your wedding guest book contact us at Luca Robotics for more information on how we can customise a Sanbot to suit your wedding. She is awaiting your invitation!

The Robot Photographer:

Looking for a fun wedding photography idea? Sanbot makes an ideal photographer for taking informal, relaxed and social photographs during your reception, and with her high definition cameras, 3D sensor and incomparably steady hand, she is sure to capture some fantastic snaps of the evening.

Sanbot has an undeniable edge on the traditional photo-booth because she is modern, interactive and mobile. At Luca robotics, we can programme Sanbot to manoeuvre around the room to take candid photos, organised photos or spontaneous photos requested by passing guests. Sanbot even has the ability to detect faces, objects and movement so she can recognise that a guest is approaching and ask if they would like a photo!

Not only is Sanbot a unique and cutting edge centrepiece for any wedding reception, she also provides an unrivalled form of entertainment for your guests. Robots interact well with children, adults and the elderly alike, so she is sure to be a real crowd pleaser!

If you would like more information on how we can customise Sanbot to meet your wedding photography needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

The Robot Ring Bearer:

If you don’t have any adorable young relatives, or if you don’t trust them to be in charge of your wedding bands, consider including Sanbot in your wedding party! Sanbot can provide dramatic flair to the wedding procession by following the bridesmaids and carrying your wedding rings to the altar. She can be programmed to travel down any length of aisle and can feature a customisable image on her screen, such as a photo of the happy couple.

Sanbot’s sleek design and white colour theme ensure that she will blend in perfectly to any wedding procession and grasp people’s attention before the main event, the entrance of the bride.

For more information on how Luca can programme a Sanbot to carry the rings at your wedding, contact us now!

The Robot Waiter:

One of the most popular roles for Sanbot to play at a wedding is that of a drinks and canapé waiter. Sanbot is incredibly steady on her wheels and would be able to carry drinks securely and with ease around your reception or ceremony venue.

As highlighted above, Sanbot has an attachable tray that she can use to deliver drinks and canapés to your guests. Not only is this a fresh take on hospitality, it is a unique and creative entertainment centrepiece that is sure to get your guests talking.

This service is, of course, bespoke. At Luca, we can customise Sanbot to perfectly compliment your wedding no matter what the theme. We can alter her screen images and dialogue so that she fits in perfectly with your wedding party.

Unique, sleek and undeniably cool, Sanbot is a big hit at weddings, if you want to invite her to brighten up your cocktail hour, contact us now!

The Robot Children’s Entertainer:

A natural choice for a talking robot, Sanbot is an excellent, interactive and innovative children’s entertainer.

  • She loves to dance and encourage children to dance along with her
  • She can play music from her own speakers
  • She likes to tell stories
  • She can load a number of interactive games up on her screen

All of which can be entirely customised to suit your perfect wedding. At Luca Robotics, we are able to tailor this service to suit the specific age range or demands of your younger guest list to ensure that the material is both age appropriate and maximally engaging.

Sanbot provides the perfect solution for idle children and it helps them to enjoy the evening as much as the adults, leading to a brilliant atmosphere for all of your guests at the reception.

To enquire about this unique children’s entertainment, do not hesitate to get in contact with us at Luca, we can’t wait to hear from you!

The Robot Host:

Sanbot is a people ‘person’ and loves to interact with humans of all ages. She is friendly and engaging so why not invite her along to meet and greet your guests on your big day.

This role is almost entirely bespoke because at Luca we aim to provide an optimal service to our customers on an individual basis and developing your perfect robotic host is a prime example. All weddings are different, so it is important that Sanbot can be a multi-functional host, from showing people where they have been placed on a seating chart, to a simple meet and greet for guests as they arrive!

Contact us at Luca robotics to help us co-ordinate the perfect host for your wedding.

The Robot Effect:

It is therefore clear that no matter what your wedding theme, Sanbot is sure to tick a box:

  • Celestial theme
  • Modern theme
  • Black and white theme
  • Futuristic theme
  • Whimsicial theme
  • Alternative theme
  • Fresh and bright theme
  • Classic Big White Wedding

If you would be interested in hiring a Sanbot for your big day, get in touch with us now and we will assign one of our robotics specialists to your wedding to begin co-ordinating our bespoke service. Moreover, if you know someone that would love a Sanbot to feature in their big day, do not hesitate to share our link!