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Best Raspberry Pi Robot Kit 2019

What is the best Raspberry Pi Robot?

When it comes to raspberry pi robot kits there is a surprisingly small amount of choice. A lot of the robots available branded as “Raspberry Pi Robot Kits” are, in fact, not Raspberry Pi robots at all. They are just robots that are programmable using a Pi, which every Arduino robot would be.

The best part about the Raspberry Pi is it works just like your regular desktop PC, except that it’s substantially less powerful and probably significantly smaller. However, this device has become extremely popular in the last few years among students, programmers, schools, hobbyists and more because it’s so cheap, readily available and you can do so many things with it… including building your own robot.

Raspberry Pi robots don’t have to be expensive, and there are a number of cheap Raspberry Pi robots available

Here are the best kits we’ve found of 2019!

1. Sunfounder Robot Raspberry PiCar

Raspberry Pi Smart Car Kit
Price Reasonable Price
Difficulty Value 2/5 Difficulty

Starting with the Sunfounder Raspberry PiCar, which is one of the most popular robot kits available for the Pi. With three different sensor modules including Ultrasonic distance sensors, Light Sensors and Line Sensors there are so many different applications you can programme.

With a Dragit, Snap based, visual programming interface and clear assembly instructions this is the perfect Raspberry Pi Robot for beginners, especially if you’re not quite ready to dive into full Python programming. Once you’re more comfortable the robot can be programmed in Python and you can even expand the robot with extras such as a camera module.

Be aware, like many of the robot kits on our list, this does not come with the Pi provided and you will need to purchase this separately. However a number of models are supported including the Raspberry Pi model B+, 2 model B ,3 model B and 3 model B+

2. Alphabot Smart Raspberry Pi Car Kit

Raspberry Pi Alphabot Robot
Price Reasonable Price
Difficulty Value 3/5 Difficulty

The Alphabot Smart Car kit is another great example of a specific Raspberry Pi robot kit. With all the components you could need in the box, including sensors for Line Tracking, Obstacle Avoidance, Speed Measuring, IR Control and even a camera for vision recognition. On top of this the Kit even comes with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B so you won’t need to purchase this in addition to the kit!

Although this kit has a huge number of components and accessories is does not have a visual editor included so you’re going to have to dive straight in to programming the robot in Python. There are a number of example codes available to help get you started, including the code to drive the robot using the IR controller.

3. Freenove Three Wheeled Robot Kit

Freenove Wheeled Robot Kit Raspberry Pi
Price Cheap Price
Difficulty Value 2/5 Difficulty

The Freenove three wheeled robot car kit is the cheapest kit we’ve got on our list so far! Although you’ll have to purchase your raspberry Pi separately this is still one of the cheapest kits on the market. Again, with a number of cool components such as a Camera, Buzzer and Ultrasonic sensors this robot has plenty of programming opportunities.

One of the most interesting things about this kit is it comes with an android app that you can use to control this smart car. This is also one of the most well documented robots available, with highly detailed tutorials and complete code examples you should be able to get your robot up and running even without graphical interfaces.

4. LDB SHOP Robotic Tank

Raspberry Pi Robot Tank
Price Reasonable Price
Difficulty Value 3/5 Difficulty

Moving away from robot car kits we have the LDB SHOP Professional Robotic Tank Kit, which comes with two large rubber tracks and aluminium wheels. Also included are a number of interesting components such as a Bluetooth Module and a high definition camera. With tracks the robot can travel over much more varied environments that traditional wheeled robots, tanks tend to be more stable over bumpy environments such a stones or grass.

This robot also comes with an android app that allows you to drive and control your robot over Bluetooth and comes with a variety of different software and code examples to help get your robot up and running easily.

5. Makeblock mBot Ultimate 10 in 1

Makeblock Ultimate Raspberry Pi Robot Kit
Price Expensive Price
Difficulty Value 5/5 Difficulty

If you’ve got a lot of experience with Python and Raspberry Pis and are looking to expand your horizons a little bit, this is the perfect kit for you. Equipped with Makeblocks MegaPi, which is based on the Arduino Mega but integrates into a raspberry Pi seamlessly. This gives you the option to program your robot with the Raspberry Pi or to start looking into programming using Arduino and C++. In addition to Python and C++ you can also use their provided mBlock application that allows you to start programming with their graphical interfaces.

Although this kit is one of the more expensive introductions to Raspberry Pi robot kits there is so much flexibility. With enough parts and components to build 10 completely different robots including a Robot Arm, Robot Catapult, Robot Tank, Robotic Ant, Self Balancing Robot and more.

6. Raspberry Pi 3+ Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit
Price Cheap Price
Difficulty Value 3/5 Difficulty

For a slightly more basic start to creating your own Raspberry Pi robot take a look the Raspberry Pi 3+ Robotic Starter kit. With everything you need to create a basic robot including the latest Raspberry Pi 3B plus, 4 drive motors, Ultrasonic Sensor, SD card, and all the wires you might need.

The best thing about this robot is its completely expandable, with plenty of spare ports on the expansion board you can add and change anything from the motors, add lights, additional sensors and more! With all the code you might need provided on their GitHub you can get your robot up and running straight away.

7. MeArm Pocket Sized Robot Arm

Raspberry Pi Robot MeArm
Price Cheap Price
Difficulty Value 3/5 Difficulty

If you’re looking for something that’s not a traditional mobile robot take a look at this static robot arm. With three degrees of freedom you can build a robot with enough mobility to pickup and move objects with ease.

With clear assembly instructions and the only required tool being a screwdriver assembly should be simple. You can easily get the robot up and running with the provided code for a Raspberry Pi.

Be aware, this kit does not come provided with a Raspberry Pi, so this is going to have to be purchased separately. The recommended model for this robot is the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.

The Raspberry Pi Roundup

That was our list of the best robot kits available for 2019 however you don’t have to stop there! New kits are always being released and there are several other kits that we haven’t featured on our list, just be aware, some kits that say they support raspberry Pi are actually Arduino based kits.

If your kit doesn’t come included with a raspberry Pi make sure you get yourself a Pi before you start, there are a number of different models available however we recommend the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ to keep up to date.

Once you’ve finished with your robot kit there are still plenty of other things you can do with you Pi. You can take the kit apart, order some extra parts and build a completely new robot using what you learnt. Or you could just use the Pi to Create an entirely new project. Just take a look at the Raspberry Pi website for some inspiration!