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Learn Robotics – Build your own Robot

Build your own customisable, 3D printable robot

Build Otto Robots

Otto is an interactive robot that anyone can make. originally started from a kickstarter Otto is completely open source, the hardware is easily obtainable and it’s easy to 3D print and customise. Otto is the perfect opportunity to build your own robot and starting to learn more about robotics.

Built with an Arduino and with Scratch integration as standard, Otto can be used to expand from any experience level. As a complete beginner the Scratch library allows you to start programming with drag and drop boxes, write your own Python code or jump into C/C++ to create advanced applications for your robot.

What can Otto do?

With its 4 micro servos, ultrasound sensor, buzzer and Arduino Nano as standard, he can walk, dance and even navigate and avoid obstacles. Otto is expandable with additional modules such as a Bluetooth module, Led Matrix, touch and sound sensors and even additional servos to create movable arms - The possibilities are endless.

Why Otto?

Program otto robot

Otto is the perfect introduction to robotics, Otto is cheap, 3D printable and based of an Arduino, this gives you endless possibilities for expansion and customisation as well as a huge existing code base and examples for the Arduino.

Otto Robot: What parts are required?

All of the parts required for Otto can be easily sourced and should cost less than £50, there a number of kits available that package all of the items together available online. Once you have sourced all the parts all you need to do is 3D print the parts, assemble your robot and you’re good to start learning how to program

  1. Arduino Nano and Mini USB Cable
  2. Arduino Nano Shield I/O
  3. HC-SR04 Ultrasound sensor
  4. 4 x Mini servo SG90 9g
  5. 5V Passive Buzzer
  6. 6 x Dupont F/F cable connectors 10cm
  7. 4 AA Battery Case and 4 AA Batteries
  8. Micro square Switch 8x8mm

For full instructions on how to print and assemble your Otto robot, look at this instructables