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New: Artificial Intelligence Puppets

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Artificial Intelegence Robot Puppets

We are delighted to announce the launch of an all new product, artificial intelligence robot puppets.

Connected to an AI chatbot engine and with automatic built in lip syncing, the puppets are sure to wow anyone who see’s them.

Our robot puppets are able to chat with people autonomously, the robots can talk about anything from how they are feeling to information about your company and your products. They can even connect to external artificial intelligence systems to answer factual questions such as "How old is Barack Obama?" or "What is the weather in the Bahamas?"

Our puppets can control any size screen, which is perfect for exhibitions or events. Our AI puppets can even give keynote speeches and can be customised specifically for you. With a large selection of puppets already available you have lots to choose from, or you can have your own bespoke robot created, why not recreate your CEO or another well-known character?

If you’re interested in getting an artificial intelligence puppet at your next event or exhibition please contact us.