Luca Robotics

Providing robots for rental and hire for your next event or exhibition.

Robots for your events

At Luca Robotics we hire robots for your events and trade shows.

Using our bespoke software, you can get the robot to present your products in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is log into our online portal and upload your text and imagery and your robot will instantly start to present your products. This means that you can make instant changes and you never have to wait for expensive and time-consuming development costs.

What can a robot do for you?

  • Present your products
  • Attract people to your stand
  • Increase customer footfall
  • Improve client engagement
  • Ensure you stand out from the competition

How does it work?

Creating content and getting your robot to present it couldn't be easier:

  1. Create the content by uploading your images and the text you want the robot to say as well as any additional media such as videos
  2. Save and publish the content on our cloud editing system
  3. Turn on your robot, it will automatically download the latest content to present to your clients

Meet our robots

Luca Robotics Robots Sanbot Afobot Miro Robots

At Luca robotics we have a number of robots and solutions available for hire and rental as well as several robots available to buy. These include Sanbot, Afobot, Miro and our bespoke robot petting zoo for use at events. More information is available for the different platforms on the our robots page.

Sanbot robots for Event